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Monday, August 22, 2005

Hohenwald News: Something Defective

There are those who don't like children. Who don't want to be bothered with children in the museum, or in the store, or in the restaraunt, or around the gaming table.

I'm not talking about those who dislike Specific Child A because he bit their leg, and yelled obscenities in their ear. That's wholly understandable, even if one should try to rise above the lesser examples of this species (although yelling obscenities in one's ear passes beyond the requirement to be gentlemanly, and instead provokes a duty to issue some corrective wisdom.)

But there are those who simply don't like children.

Overly clever, and not wise yet fifteen year old boys, and tired eighty year old men, and all ages in between. For some, its a matter of "Look at me, I'm so clever and quick! I can't be bothered to care about anyone else." For others, its the product of a long life, and they simply don't have it in them anymore to cope with a child's energy level.

Do I say, its always bad? No. Most music does little for me. The number of concerts I've gone to completely on my own hook is less than the fingers on my hands. More tellingly, I have probably purchased less than twenty tapes and CD's in my life.

Do I disdain music? Not so much. No I simply recognize/suspect that others find something in it that I lack the ability to perceive. So yes, I am defective in that regard.

And of course, some people are really trying hard for greatness, and a child is a severe distraction. But, such ambition is often selfish and narcissistic.

Its "I want to be a Great Artist!" or "I want to make the Big Deal!" or "I want to absorb the Perfect Experience!"

Children force one to compromise, and to look beyond our own heads. For that, we ought to be grateful. Moderation in all things is not a bad rule of thumb to keep in mind (as long as one doesn't become moderate in the wrong ways, or consider this rule of thumb the frame of life instead of just an occasionally useful tool. Maybe later, I'll talk more on moderation and extremism, if I can untangle my thoughts.)


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