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Sunday, August 28, 2005

Hohenwald News: Telecommuting Prospects

Michael Totten, at TCS Station, is a liberal, but a sane and intelligent one which is why I read him with interest. Here he evaluates a couple trends, and forecasts a possible resurgence of small-town America.

I think he is right.

Most people don't want to live in large cities. Oh, they tell you they do. But a lot of it is whistling past the graveyard. They don't like crime, high taxes, and unresponsive government.

If I want to, I'm pretty sure that I could go talk to the mayor of Hohenwald tomorrow, unless he was on vacation. I don't want to, but you get the point.

People don't like paying outrageous prices for small houses. They also don't really like being at the crosshairs of a terrorist.

And while I like people, I also like a little elbow room.

And when people get the chance too, they are going to flee the big cities like a tsunami. And that means, the remants of the Blue State power base are going to be shattered. Cities are going to deplete, and the rural locations like Hohenwald, which is close enough to Nashville for necessities, but also far enough away to be cheap, are going to boom.


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