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Friday, August 26, 2005

Hohenwald News: Unusual Spam

I received the following, what I assume to be fraudulent spam or just blanket spam. Because I'm not sure how a Neo-conservative, Christian, conservative, American nationalist, Sci-fi writer would attract attention from such people.


I am very happy to write this message to you,my name is abdulkareem sulaimon son of late alhaji salifu sulaimon who died last two years in cote d i voire in west africa.

The purpose of my message is that my father was killed because he is the only one in his family that converted to muslim because all his family they are christian.

So before his death he has a mosque which he can not complete before he die,so i need your assistance financialy to complete the mosque.

If you have intrest in assisting me i can send you the picture of the uncompleted mosque so that you can seee by yourseif.

If you want to reply try to reply me through this e mail

And you will be bless in the name of Allah.



Thanks, Abdul, but no thanks. For one, while it is possible, I think the killing is much more likely to go the other way. That is, a Muslim born gets a chance at a free choice, and becomes a Christian. Then they kill the poor girl or guy for apostasy.

See, most Christians don't think that a forced conversion is a true conversion. The God of Isaac, and Jacob is not going to be impressed if I shove a shotgun in someone's throat, and make them recite the Apostle's Creed, and call on the name of the Risen Son of God, that is the Christ, the Messiah, Yeshua, the omnipotent Creator of the universe.

Fact is, I think He would be plenty irritated with me.

Now, I sympathize with you on your father's death, if such actually happened. But most of the bloodshed between religions is Christian blood at the hands of Muslim fanatics. Although militant athiests in China do a pretty good job on Christians as well, and they are not nice to Muslims either.

And seeing as I think Islam is not the way to Heaven, for they do not submit to the Risen Lord, I don't see building mosques as an unadulterated good thing. Now its better than building car bombs to blow up Israeli and Iraqi children, but since many mosques are recruitment centers for that sort of behavior, I will find it easy to restrain my enthusiasm.


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