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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Tennessee Writer: Books Read Recently

Melody's Pre-Owned Books has taken some more of my money. I've just read Fire in the Mist, by Holly Lisle, which is a pretty decent story, not her best, but enjoyable.

Have dipped into an anthology entitled Mountain Magic so as to help me write some stories about my home country.

Also took a look at Eyes of the Calculor which looks to be satisfying with a fairly weird future setting.

I've been catching up on my reading, also at the local library with Act of War by Dale Brown which is his attempt to start a new series. I like the robo-suit, but its not as good as Flight of the Old Dog which set off his first series. But in ways, one reads Brown for the tech, and for the interpersonal struggles between the Americans, and not so much for the story.

I feel like it had potential, and then it wilted a bit.

I'm reading a non-fiction on Sherman's March by somebody, I'll have to post on this again. Its good even though it covers much of the same ground that Ripples of Battle with Hansen covered. Of course, this is an older book.

It makes the point, no doubt unpopular, in the South (although I'm not sure about my highlander neighbours) that Sherman's cruelty was calculated to end a crueler war.

And I'm still slowly making my way, not for lack of excellence in the book, which is very cool, but for the sake of other books, and to let this one sink in...Our Southern Highlanders.

Yah, I've been doing quite a bit of reading lately.


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