Tales of Tadeusz

Friday, August 12, 2005

Weekly Update

  • Blogger is working again!!
  • Have to go dump some books and a decrepit lawnmower down at the Food Bank.
  • Have to go clean off the roof because something has taken root up there, and is shooting down into my roof which is not a good thing at all. Me being irresponsible, or just overwhelmed, and I thought it was clean enough up there. Guess not.
  • Got some more stories sent back out again, and got a nice comment from one editor about an engaging story and a smooth flow. That helps.
  • Just wrote up most of a rather amusing short story about a girl who runs a pizza shoppe, and uses it as her base for her detective agency as well.
  • Interesting Alternate Historical question: How would the US be different if we had not embarked on the Interstate Hwy building project?


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