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Monday, August 15, 2005

Weekly Update: Gigglebox Just Walked!

My youngest boy, Gigglebox, just walked.

To set the scene: I'm sitting at the computer looking at Right Wing News, and Gigglebox is on my left standing, but attached to his Da. Mr. C is in the playroom just around the corner, and down a step. The boys have been having a good time playing with their toys, and I've been occasionally wondering if I should make them clean up. Gigglebox lets go of my left thigh, which is par for the course for him as he has been standing up by himself for a long time.

Then out of the corner of my eye, I see that he has taken what looks to be a step. I turn my head and look, fairly sure that I'm wrong. Another step slow and contemplative, but not all that slow. More like testing of a theory one is pretty sure is true. Another, and another both faster than the test all the way over to his high chair which he grasps. Four steps for his first voyage. We knew you had it in you, Gigglebox!

Little boy was just cautiously making sure he knew what he was doing before he charged out to take the field (unlike his pleased Da who has a tendency to charge first, question later.)

Too bad Mommy was asleep, but then she was justifiably exhausted.

This is a great day! Now where do I buy a leash to keep him under control? and Thank You, Lord for your good gifts.


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