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Monday, August 01, 2005

Weekly Update: Two Birthdays At Once

This last weekend, we went to the Rocket City, and its Chuck-e-Cheeses to have a birthday party for Mr. C and for P.

My brother (who makes my 6,2 and 240 pound self look small) and I got a chance to catch up, and to talk theory of this and that which we dearly love to do. He's on a kick about pschyological heresies influencing Christianity. The notion that Pschyology is a religion is interesting.

We ended up agreeing that if you trimmed some of the self-promotion, and the hype from pschyology and the incorect premises (like humans are basically good) you might end up with some useful common sensical advice. Of course, few people would pay a hundred bucks an hour for that....

He also made a very interesting comment to me that I should not assume everyone acts from strictly self-interested motives although thinking such is a temptation at times. Very insightful of him as I am pretty cynical at times.

The Party, you want to hear about the party, and not about two guys gabbing, hunh?

The gifts filled the table like a mountain of heighth and steepness that would require a bold ant mountaineer to scale. We've added a near cube of construction paper for Mr. C to cut up wiht his prized scissors (and for Da to clean up afterwards), and a new bike for our 4yr. old.

The other boys all got gifts as well since one cannot just give gifts to one toddler and have the rest understand. We gave them balls to bounce with, and one globe ball so that they could point out where there home is.

The other birthday boy, a fine little fellow, got a spin itself ball that fascinated the child in me, and will hopefully spend much time bouncing its random path around their living room floor as the boys try to jump on it.

OK, enough random blatherings...really, I do sometimes write better than this.

Oh, yeah, the next day, Mr. C is burning up with a fever, so we kept him quiet, dosed him, and today, he seems mostly well, but he's staying home anyways.


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