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Saturday, September 10, 2005

Hohenwald News: Fears for the Future

Most conservatives can come up with a list of things they don't like that Bush did. Of course, they are probably not the things that liberals don't like.
To prove:1. Steel Tariffs2. Keeping Norman Mineta3. Not invading Syria by now4. Not cracking down harder on Immigration which is a multiple area threat to the Nation5. Not putting up an avowed Original Constructionist for the Supreme Court, and then compounding that error by nominating the fellow for Chief Justice.
I could go on. Conservatives think Bush is pretty good, for a human being. Some times we defend him when perhaps we should not. But those attacking him who suffer BDS think he is the Devil Incarnate.
Its a difference of scale that amounts to a difference of kind.
So yes, most of the nuts are on the Left. And when I say "bomb-throwing" I'm being literal. I talked with one fellow who said beating up demonstrators was a-ok because they were fascists.
For the good of the Nation, the sane liberals and Left need to purge the nuts among their number. Yes, that means giving the conservatives the victory for a number of years, but as distasteful as that may be, it is the correct thing to do. The question is, sensible Lefty, will you step up to the plate, or will it require the FBI tracking down domestic terrorists ten years from now?
One way or another its going to get done, but it would be a lot less painful for everyone if the sane libs smacked the childish back into place.
And yes, I know, thats really harsh.


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