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Sunday, September 18, 2005

More Weekly Update

We got our old Sega Genesis out today, and after I messed with it a bit, the local demigoddess of electronica, that is my wife, fixed it. Now, I can play Gauntlet IV and Mortal Kombat and some other games.

Thanks to my brother-in-law for giving this to us.

Now, I have one more thing to waste time on. Hmmh.

Also, as the Ladyfaire was watching Sledgehammer, our too young to understand it, Gigglebox decided to get the remote. So he crawls over her, and back again, and back again as she keeps moving the uber-fascinating device. After an intermission, he decides to jump her, and take her on in a wrestling match as she moves back, he charges her while smiling gleefully. The Ladyfaire was startled but laughing as well. Its rather like having a puppy leap up on you with its forepaws in effect.

I wish I could have videotaped it, but then that is part of the purpose of this blog. To remember the good times.


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