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Monday, October 24, 2005

Gaming News: Heroscape

I played Heroscape by Milton Bradley last weekend. I'm an eccletic gamer...I love tabletop roleplaying games most, but I love board, and war, and crayon rail, and some computer games, and online text rpg-ing, and all that. Cards are fun too.

But Heroscape was a blast. Just great fun. Put aside your story worries, and your moral concerns, and kill, kill, kill...

The board is easily used, sturdy, and beautiful...and customizable. The set owner had created a very nice and well balanced terrain for us to play with.

I had the Romans, and the lady across from me had a Valkryrie, a T-rex (who fed hearty on Roman legionairres until I got the beast! Yay!), and some Agents. It was a bloody war with cheerfully unflinching grins.

And I, the player who had never played before, and the guy who had been knocked out, but revived by a clever trick in the rules design, ended up tying. So it made for a very seesaw game.

Very nice.


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