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Monday, October 24, 2005

Gaming News: Jihadi

In the Heroscape miniature figurine game, you can have warriors from all possible times.

I'd like to suggest one warrior group that I'm quite sure Milton Bradley is never going to come out with.


Thats right, the bearded bigots in caves.

We need movement, life, defense dice, attack dice, special abilities, and cost for each class of these nuts.

Movement: Compared to Roman soldiers, slow...but they do have modern transport...hmm...3 spaces.
Life: They are punks...I'd give them less than one, but you can't....1
Defense dice: Here the punks aspect gets put in...0. That's right, no defense dice. If you hit them with an attack, they die.
Attack dice: Still punks...1
Special Ability: This requires changing some of the tile rules. Any tile that is a Defense tile, if a Jihadi stands on it, registers as an "innocent civilian hostage". If the attacker has at least three successes, the jihadi is killed. However, if the attacker has two successes, then the jihadi is slain, but his pschyo brother joins in at the furthest edge of the board. If the jihadi is attacked with one success, then he is fine.

Also, Jihadi lose one on a mass heal, and gain one on a mass curse.

Cost for a unit of four Jihadi: 30

Other more expensive types in this group: Suicide Bombers; Mini-truck with Machine-gun; Omars; Recruiters (even more punk than Jihadi, but able to turn any Jihadi in sight into SB's); Ayatollahs of Terror--able to issue fatwas which may freeze opponents.


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