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Friday, December 23, 2005

Writing Chapter Two

Chapter Two of Worldwalker is being seriously rewritten. I was not that happy with it. It did the job, but in a kind of lame, aimless way with the heroine acting pretty pathetic, and taking a real long time to do so.

I'm learning how to be more descriptive, but not all wallowing in description, and emotions is fruitful. So, a serious rewrite, and hopefully a chop of a couple thousand words with stronger, brighter descriptions, and more action. More change. More scenes.

Still need to work on scene creation. And scene transition for that chapter. I think that might be part of why it was so flaccid. It was trying to be one whole scene for the whole six thousand words.

Another side bene from this is that it shortens the novel a bit, leaving more space for some other good stuff I had planned for the fight with the plesiosaur.


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