Tales of Tadeusz

Friday, May 14, 2004

Politics:Abu Gharaib and Nick Berg

The actions of the few at Abu Gharaib are a stain on the honor of America, but they are truly the few. Moreover, while reexamining the practises allowed to get information is worthwhile, we should remember that we are at war.

If you're willing to shoot a man, should you not be willing to inconvenience or harrass him a bit?

And while innocents are gathered in the net, still most are likely to be the sort of men who rose to power under Saddam Hussein. To call them very bad men is to understate things considerably.

The Iraqis have from a quote I've seen and simple logic, little sympathy for that sort of men. For these were the men who tormented them just recently.

And now we move from a stain to an act that reveals the true nature of the death cultists. The vile sawing off the head of Nick Berg, American Jew, by a group of people who then revelled with his head. This was not a beheading done by a single man upon whom rested authority and struck with a clean stroke of an axe, but a gang who lack the courage to do something even as cowardly and as disgusting as this on their own, and the sawing, back and forth, of a knife.

I extend my condolences, as limited a gesture as that is to his family and friends.

Now, lets move forward to what we should do with a hard face, and furious eyes. We need to show the Islamofascists the fear of death, and then we need to kill them. And then once they break and begin to run, we need to press the attack and reap justice for that will be the moment when they are weakest, and we will be moved to pity, but we should remember Nick Berg, Danny Pearl, and the Towers with people jumping to their deaths hand in hand.

There are those who say violence never solves anything. I guess slavery ended due to persuasion, and Hitler gave up after a moving letter from a six-year-old, and Stalin, and Mao, and all the other murderous thugs all gave their resignations because of a Security Council request to "be good little boys now."? No? Hmm, that's strange. Maybe violence solves a few problems after all.

Writing: Northgate City Setting

I'm in the middle of working on the superhero city setting for Multiverser, Northgate City. Hopefully, it will give a good feel for this place in my mind, so that other referees can send their players there, and the fight for Truth, Justice, and the American Way can continue!

Writing: New World A Week Article

WAW: Zoo City is up over at Gamingoutpost.com. It deals with a visit to a universe where humanity is just one face in a very large crowd.

Life in General: An Interesting Week

This last week has been excessively interesting. The baby caught some respiratory virus which shot his temp up past the allowable for a preemie, 100.4? or 100.6, and so the next day, we took him to the weekend walk-in clinic next to the hospital, and he got some drugs prescribed.

One was a quarter-teaspoon of an anti-histamine. That night, we had to joggle him every few minutes as his heart rate dropped (registered by his apnea monitor), or his respiration rate dropped. We wonder if that was too much anti-histamine.

It was an exhausting and scary night. When the monitor goes off dozens of times...

Milady stayed up a good part of the night, unable to sleep even though she had work the next day I think, and for my shift, I laid next to him on the cot, and joggled him frequently.

The next day, as recommended, we took him to the Pediatric Clinic.

He was admitted to the hospital. And we spent most of the week there.

Milady took the night shift, and I took the day shift. Meemaw, the Lady's mother, came from Texas, to help us, and was a great help.

The baby got put on a nebulizer treatment of Albuterol, and he continued his Reglan (for reflux--which he should grow out of), and Dr. Davis put him on Prevacid because of the way he arched his back.

Also, we upped the amount of rice cereal in his formula, and found that we had been messing up his feedings.

We had been feeding him from regular nipples, and wondering why he fussed and ate slowly, and I complained about feeding him from 2 to 5 in the morning. And then teh next day he would spend as much as seven hours sleeping, or more. Luckily, this did not go on very long, because he was hardly gaining weight for those two weeks.

It was partially due to lack of diligence on my part in not thinking things through, and examining the situation, but he was hardly getting any food from the nipple, and then after an exhausting struggle, with few calories to show for it, he collapsed into sleep.

We opened up the nipple a great deal with a needle, and then we had to bother the fire out of him. For he was used to a small meal, and then off to sleep. He needed to learn to eat 3-4 oz. of formula at a time.

So a touch of laziness, a teaspoon of lack of thought, and a cup of stupidity mixed with a cup of lack of knowledge made a recipe for malnutrition. But the hospital got that cleared up, and he's seeming to be fine with his breathing.

Whatever he's got is pretty contagious as both me and my wife have got it. Its not too bad for effects, at least on me. It seems to have hit the Lady worse.

We're definitely glad Meemaw is up here to help us. Hope she does not catch this nastiness.

Lastly, Prevacid, ouch, that's expensive. Fifty bucks a month even with insurance.

Well, becoming a parent is a learning experience indeed. Even on your second one.

Night ya'll.

Sunday, May 09, 2004

Happy Mother's Day!

I'd like to wish a Happy Mother's Day to my great mom (who survived two very energetic and combative boys), and too my wonderful wife who also has two boys. Hmm, I sense a pattern here. Wonder if they are going to be the same type of "character development opportunity" I was?

Writing: Getting Close

I just did a recalculation of page counts for my loosely contracted project, and it looks like I have about four thousand more words to come up with to finish this game setting book. Hurrah. Closer than I realized.

OTOH, I'm probably going to have to write more, and then rewrite things because several of the settings still have serious issues. Its not a straight simple, type 4k more words, and be done with the first draft. If it was, I might get it done tommorrow.

Saturday, May 08, 2004

Life in General

The Baby is coming down with a cold, and he seems to have his day and night confused. So I took care of him from 2 to 5 in the morning last night. And then I handed him off to his mother who only griped a little bit. Wonderful woman.

Did the Laundry, and found 38 bucks in various pockets. I guess I should clean more often.

Got Gabby started on online gaming at Gaming Outpost. Hope she likes it.

Mr. C is happy watching Teletubbies and eating his burger, popcorn, and green beans, and guzzling milk.

Got a decent bit of housecleaning done today, and got my lady a small gift for Mother's Day tommorrow. We'll do the Rio Colarado lunch also tommorrow, I think as a holiday.

We put in both AC units since the temp hit ninety today.

It was a good day. Thanks.

Roleplaying Gaming

It was a good day for gaming. The Walking Man came over, on a bike, and filled in D20 numbers for many hours on my Wolves dungeon. We're about half-done with that part of the project.

Then my darling ladyfaire played an hour of dungeonhacking geeky goodness before toddling off to bed. She played over-enthused Teenage Adventuress hungry for loot in the cave nearby the town with a real simple home-brew system involving rolling lower than the skill number on 2d6 with potential mods.

The riddle she demolished in less time than it took me to write it down for her. She's like that. Riddles are easy for her.

The garter snake that she fought after she had been shrunk to the size of a mouse was more of a challenge, but eventually she got the bright idea of letting it impale itself on her sword. By the way, the whole fight had her under the influence of a featherlight spell.

And we used a ritual magic system which allowed any magic to work, but the more powerful, the less likely for it to do so.

I think I should add a +1 if a spell is repeated.

Thursday, May 06, 2004

Testing again

Testing something

Writing: Novel Progress

I've gotten my hero to where he meets the aliens, and they are being drawn much more precisely and actively than before.

Rewriting can be your friend.

Hopefully, it will be done soon, and then I will be making the money that will eventually create the family fortune, and then (while we are dreaming) endow some foundation like the Ashley Foundation for War (to fight the Carnegie Foundation for Peace). That's a joke, people. Move along now.

Books: Revisiting my last review

Well, I've looked at both books some more, and two points come to mind. First "Germs" is respectful of the author of "Plague"; very much so; and two I looked through the intro to "Plague" and saw some more typical lefty drivel.

Ah well.

Life in General: Ladyfaire is back to work

The Ladyfaire is back to work, and upon returning they've changed her hours to a daytime shift. Its not a big deal since I'm finished with classes for now.

The big deal is taking care of two youngun's who both want lots of attention, cleaning the house, making the meals, writing the novel, and having a little interactive time with the Ladyfaire.

I spent much of last night awake because the Babe-in-Arms was up in arms. Every thirty minutes, he would wake up and want more food. He finally finished about three in the morning, and so I stretched out on the floor to get a nap until the Lady got up at four (I could have gone to another room, and taken the easy chair, but I did not want to wake the Baby, and I was being melodramatic and feeling hard put upon). After the Lady got up, I went to bed until nine-thirty when Mr. C, the toddler got up.

Aargh was my last night
The joy of my light
Is subsumed in the fight
And my eyes are no longer bright
Aargh was my last night

"Aargh" by Tadeusz.

Saturday, May 01, 2004

Life in General:

Mr. C, the toddler, loves my green hardhat which I got when I was a teenager. Baby T enjoys his little booties, but on the downside he had me up most of the night before and my wife this last night because he was fussy, and would not go to sleep.

He's tripping his apnea monitor, a lot less nowadays which is great.

The family hopes to go shopping after the Ladyfaire's nap. We need some food to refill the fridge and the pantry.

Potatoes, and hamburger look cheap. Hmm, maybe I can make a beef stroganoff, sorta like my Mom has made, but I'll use corn meal flower in the gravy.

Hopefully, Ed the Walking Man, can come visit us, and along with entertaining us, finish off the D20 insertions into my Wolves PDF. And then I can send it off to MJ of Multiverser fame for his insertions of Multiverser stuff, and then off to RPG.Net and their Mall so I can make some money.

The house needs cleaning as well. Its a never ending struggle for truth, justice, and a clean floor.

Book: The Coming Plague and Germs, Biological Warfare, and Vaccinations

I've only looked at these two books, and already I can see that Plague is far superior to Germs.

Germs takes a much more political view of things, but without being broadminded (although the author tries), and he engages in the Devil Theory of Politics. In other words, its those evil Republicans fault.

Plague clearly lays out blame all over the place in clear language, and it shows that the budget cuts for which Germs blames the Republicans were a bad idea, but it also shows that they were an understandable bad idea. In hindsight, cutting the money spent on infectious diseases was a mistake, but when such diseases were retreating to the margins of civilization, and it seemed, I emphasize seemed that they were not coming back, then it made sense to cut the budgets.

Germs tries to tie together all sorts of ideas from philosophy and other subjects, and it does so in language that occasionally descends into obscurity and cant phrases, and he suggests that revolution, even in the United States, will be necessary to save the public. What is it with these lefties? The only tool they have is Revolution of the People, so all problems look the same?

I'd guess, the author of Plague is probably a Democrat, but she is a scientist and a public health specialist first. And she is a detailed, and logical thinker which shows in comparison to the confusion that befogs the other book at times.

Germs does have some good ideas amidst the mess, and so I'll read it, but its author is trying to be a barking moonbat.

Hopefully, this mess of a review helps those interested in public health issues.

New World A Week Article

My new World A Week: Yankee Trader is up and flying at Gaming Outpost. Its a hard SF look at interstellar trading with sublight starships pushed by laser cannon in the system of origin, and it also offers another variant of the Mary Piper for Multiverser fans to use. And these ships carry a unique cargo, and we get some odd aliens, to boot.

It clocked in at 3876 approx. words, and was a lot of fun to write. Its one of those WAW's that I wish I could stick in a novel.