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Saturday, April 30, 2005

Hohenwald News

Today and tomorrow, the Ardmore Tennessee Rennaissance Faire is in operation. We wanted to go today, but it was too wet, and too cool with temps in the low sixties as the best predicted. Manana' will be high sixties, and that should be better. I'll try to post a description of the event on Monday or Sunday night.

Roger Simon's Pajama News Network

Mr. Simon is trying to put together a network of bloggers. I'm still not really sure how this is going to work out, but I will take a flyer at it, and we'll just see, won't we?

Hohenwald News

Our local paper, the Lewis County Herald, is not irredeemably left-wing. But it is a small weekly, and they do print press releases from our local congress-critters such as Rep. Lincoln Davis who says that "Privatizing Social Security Too Risky for Low Income Wage Earners." Or at least thats what the headline says.

Excuse me, I'm one of those low-income guys, and a writer/published novelist, and I'm not getting much of anything from S.S.. I'd like a chance to improve my prospects a lot. But I'd settle for a bit.

Social Security gives a terrible rate of return on investment. But the fear of getting stung just before retirement is valid. So lets build in some security to the system of privatization. Outlaw the highest and lowest returns, and I think we'll find that even those who don't do that well will still be better off, and that the vast majority of people will indeed be much better off, and a few people will do superbly well.

Do this, or I'm going to be really out of luck when I retire unless my writing career brings in teh big bucks which I hope will happen, but y'know...

Updates on Tykes

Gigglebox still is learning to walk. He's cruising, and pulling himself up, and quite proud of this.

Just a couple days ago, he got a sick stomach, and spent two days with vomitting and the runs. Not fun for him or us, but it was not really all that bad.

The Ladyfaire was just going through clothes again, as she does periodically, and dumping the ones that won't fit Gigglebox anymore. He's already up to 2T for some as both have large heads which they inherited from their Da who also has a very large jaw.

Friday, April 29, 2005

Senator John McCain's Reply

Let me excerpt a bit from the form letter the Senator sent me in reply to my determination to vote for Hillary Clinton before him. There's a post further down the page dealing with this.

...President Bush signed the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act of 2002...

--Or as its more commonly known the McCain-Feingold Campaign Finance Bill, but we're in the middle of spreading around the blame here--

...The Supreme Court, in McConnell v. FEC, upheld the constitutionality of key provisions of BCRA...

--Okay, I don't really blame Bush here. He's got a lot on his plate, and contrary to some people's belief, he can't do everything. You have to pick and choose your fights. But this is disapointing.

The Supremes, well, I am disappointed.

The Maverick goes on to say that the parties have thrived. I don't think the Dems have as Moveon.org has managed a partial Leveraged Buy-Out of their operation, but the Senator is a Republican so he can be forgiven for his inexactitude. But the parties are not the point. The point is free speech, and secondarily limiting the power of the major news orgs by letting other people blanket the airwaves as well.

"While BCRA has proven successful,..."

--Um, no it hasn't.

Then the Senator, as a good Republican goes on to slam very rich people. Oops, good Democrat...

Well actually, you can be a good R, and worry about the rich. But Free Speech is near absolute in my book, and if that means some really rich jerks get an unfair share of attention, then thats a pill to dry-swallow.

"Contrary to the opinions of those opposed to campaign finance reform, the 527 issue has nothing to do with BCRA."

I'm skeptical. I understood the 527's as a natural outgrowth of the Senator's ill-considered law. But then I could and have been wrong. This needs more research. Sigh.

The Senator goes on to claim that 527's are a result of the 1974 campaign finance reform, and the FEC's unwillingness to go after the 527's and make them register as political committees.

I'm still willing to vote for another Senator, Hillary Clinton, rather than the Maverick from Arizona for President.

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Signing Up for the Food for Thought Dinners

Cost is a significant factor for me so I chose as numero uno what looked like the cheapest which is appropriately enough Henry Copeland's "Making Money" at Granite Hills. Then La Shawn Barber with Faith-based Blogging as I guess you could call me a Faith-based blogger, and finally Ed Cone with Local Politics as I hope to cover the Hohenwald beat. Any of them would be excellent, and I think most of the topics offered would be interesting.

I'm starting to look forward to this.

Now lets see if I can get my first trackback ever to function...


Trackbacks are Enabled

Thanks Haloscan. It was very simple, even for a computo-phobe like me. Of course, I ended up with two Comments buttons for a while, and had to go back and delete the code for the second one, and ended up only deleting half of it, and then had to go back for a second bite, but it looks like it worked.

Now to go check it out with my next post.

Hohenwald Thursdays

For my weekly bit about Hohenwald, I thought I'd ease into this with a reminiscence. About five years back, we arrived in the county capital of Lewis County, and long about a Thursday decided to wander off to a store. One of the local stores, not the Condensed Wal-Mart (World's Smallest Wal-Mart), and it was closed. So was the bank.

So we asked someone, and with an air of non-comprehension they informed us that it was Thursday, and of course, they were closed on the High Holy Day of Thor. Okay, they did not say that last Nordic bit, but otherwise...

Since then, its changed a bit, but I'd still be careful about Thursdays.

I've Received My First Award

The kind and insightful, for how could they be otherwise, folks at Award-Winning Tennessee Bloggers have given me a Best Blog in Tennessee Award.

This site won a 'Best Blog in Tennessee' award!

I'm sure Insty is trembling in his office chair, as I type this. I mean, I would be ...

Thanks ya'll,

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Death of a Blogger: An Internet Murder Mystery Novel is published. Just click on the button at the bottom of my blogroll, and it will take you to the storefront where you can buy it. You'll have to login first, but that shouldn't take long.

Incidentally, I think this is the first Blogger subject Murder Mystery, and possibly the first Blogger subject novel in, ah, the history of the world, or something. Kewl...

New Plans

I intend to start posting once a week on local Hohenwald events so that I can become the "Blog of Record" for Hohenwald, or at least shine a useful light on this fascinating town. This is in response to reading a blog post suggesting local bloggers do just that which I would love to link to but, I forgot where it is.

Saturday, April 16, 2005

Something Political

It took me a while to think of something to say as I am in many ways a laid-back kind of dude when it comes to politics. I don't expect perfection. In fact, if they do a half-decent job, I'm pretty pleased.

But, here's something. At this point, I could see myself voting for Hilary rather than John McCain. And I've never voted presidentially for a Democrat. But, Senator McCain is a problem. He scorns Limbaugh, he plays to the liberal press, he supports the First Amendment limiting McCain-Feingold Law, and now I hear he's in favor of letting Native American tribes re-bury bones from thousands of years ago from back before the aforementioned tribes even existed! Oh, yeah, he's being unhelpful on the judicial filibuster, and earning Hewitt's ire.

Not good.

With Hillary, there might be some realistic appraisal of the world, and she'd be an honest opponent instead of an untrustworthy ally. It might not be all bad having Hillary in office. She might get the Dems to sign on to the GWOT for one.

But I don't think McCain is going to make it to the nomination. There's too much irritation at a smart aleck.

Daily Update

Mr. C, the three-year-old got a mass of cavities fixed today, early this morning. I am so relieved everything went well. Anaesthesia is very unnerving for me.

The T and moi have colds. Poor little baby, he doesn't really understand why he's miserable. All he knows is that he is unhappy. Me, I dose up on Nyquil and Ibuprofen.

Of course, I'm also taking care of Mr. C who needs extra TLC after the dentists, and I'm sick, and I need to finish off my novel in time to send it off to Lulu.com in time to get it back for NashvilleBlogcon. And did I mention that the house needs cleaning as well?

But Mr. C got lots of loving, and I solved most of the major problems remaining. Still need to stick in something explaining why people might think the cause of the problem is wild cherry poison--thats for my novel folks.

Yes, a mystery novel-- Death of a Blogger. It will soon be out, I hope. And making brisk sales, I hope.

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Response to the Moderate Voice

I like this blog, but I'm not entirely on board.

I just don't know.
I do disagree with your statement that "activist" means disagreeing with your own side. Activist means not respecting teh Constitution and the role Judges are to play in the structure. Yes, this is a two-edged sword, but I'm not sure that it bites the Right in the TS case.
Considering the recent murders of judges, it does not seem a good time to be making such a statement as the Representative made.
However, lets ask a fundamental question. What is the reason for the Second Amendment? To me, it is the final resort of the people when the government's tyranny grows too great, and it is a check on this tyranny getting too that point.
This is a fundamental and I believe necessary point of tension in our rule of law bound republic. At one level, we are not bound by anything but Primal Law. I believe one advantage of this is that it helps prevent excessive gaming of the system (which will happen in any system).
But of course, the question is of appropriateness. In Stalinist Russia killing local judges and military officials would be justified as part of a lawful rebellion against a tyranny. Terrorism, that is striking against civilians would still not be appropriate.
The question then is, are we at the point where lawful rebellion is the only gate left to us? Pretty obviously not, despite an Imperial Judiciary and the Second Holocaust of Forty Million. We have means of trimming the judiciaries tendency to autocracy...
"I'm the Judge, I don't need a reason other than some stupid garbage I just made up. Now hop."
We can do as Jackson did, and ignore them. Perfectly legal. Or we can trim their jurisdictions by Act of Congress. I'd like to say we can impeach them, but obviously the Founding Fathers misbalanced that since its happened practically never in two hundred years. I'm pretty sure we can come up with some other legal ways (and legal is superior unless truly desperate to primal) to make our displeasure known with the ending of Democracy.
Perhaps, we could reduce all judges salaries to a dollar a year...
And before you yell at me how we should all revere, and not simply respect, but revere our judges, I want you to chant "Dred Scott" a dozen times. And then add "Roe v. Wade" which even many supporters will admit is bad law.