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Saturday, April 30, 2005

Hohenwald News

Our local paper, the Lewis County Herald, is not irredeemably left-wing. But it is a small weekly, and they do print press releases from our local congress-critters such as Rep. Lincoln Davis who says that "Privatizing Social Security Too Risky for Low Income Wage Earners." Or at least thats what the headline says.

Excuse me, I'm one of those low-income guys, and a writer/published novelist, and I'm not getting much of anything from S.S.. I'd like a chance to improve my prospects a lot. But I'd settle for a bit.

Social Security gives a terrible rate of return on investment. But the fear of getting stung just before retirement is valid. So lets build in some security to the system of privatization. Outlaw the highest and lowest returns, and I think we'll find that even those who don't do that well will still be better off, and that the vast majority of people will indeed be much better off, and a few people will do superbly well.

Do this, or I'm going to be really out of luck when I retire unless my writing career brings in teh big bucks which I hope will happen, but y'know...


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