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Sunday, May 08, 2005

Finally at Belmont for Friday

I went to a session run by Rebecca McKinnon on her new portal titled Global Voices, and La Shawn Barber's faith-based blogging, and the video-weblogging forum. All were very good.

McKinnon had Mickey, a smartly green-jacketed young mother, up to explain about Human Rights Watch.

It was also pointed out that McKinnon would serve as a sort of mild editorial oversight since she would not post just any blog post on her site.

One of the neat moments of the weekend to me was when I introduced myself at the onset of the faith-based blogging meeting, and LaShawn said that she thought she had heard of my book.

Later, Rev. Donald Sensing, who was sitting behind me flat out informed people that he did not have time to follow a link. So if you want to send something to One Hand Clapping for his attention then 1)Include a permalink 2)Include the text of the post below the link.

It was pointed out that some words that are merely descriptive, such as unbeliever, are often taken to be offensive to the listener. But no one could come up with a good idea of how to replace this.

One example of this was when a Religious Left member got up and tried to explain why no one thinks of the RL. He said it was because they were so open-minded and tolerant that they would not think of imposing their views on others.

LaShawn merely pointed out that that made us, close-minded and intolerant. And that is my best answer. Some words will offend someone, but the responsibility is with the listener, unless you are truly going over the border.


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