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Sunday, May 08, 2005

Going Against the Future

I know the future is modular, interconnected, web-like. But I would not mind having next year's event in one location. Especially when it gets messed up on the website, and I get directed after double-checking just to make sure, and still I go to Belmont as directed. And still it is wrong.

A very kind gent who was running the set-up for that nights Performing Arts Center meeting did some extensive phone calling, and got me directed to Vanderbilt. Thanks, Bill.

Eventually, I found the Freedom Forum which is on the edge of the Vanderbilt campus. Its a very nice building indeed. In fact all the buildings were in top-notch condition throug-out the whole event.

I wasn't sure how to go about setting up my vending, and so I got some advice from an A-list blogger to try it that night at the PAC, and the next day at the Beaman Life Center at Belmont.

Met the local liason who was unfailingly pleasant and helpful. Also met and talked to Linda Seibach of the Rocky Mountain News for a long while.

She pointed out that newspapers with blogs have special issues that bloggers do not labor under.
The public, rightly I think, expects a certain decorum from papers. And lawsuits aimed to settle are more likely to be common at a newspaper which has the money to make such looting profitable.

She offered the definition that bloggers are journalist when they do news. I pointed out that many news people by that definition sometimes don't "journal".

Then it was on to my very first sale of the book. Mighty cool.

Jay Moffitt at Classic Movie.info knows his movies. Even the modern ones, but I think his brightest love is for the old ones.

He recommended I try the original Bedazzled as I had mentioned how bad the Brendan Fraser one is. Don't get me wrong, I really like Fraser, but this movie was sad.

I gave him a tip to watch Blake's Seven, not that I could explain why in short form. Perhaps I will in a future post.

So thanks Jay for buying the book, and I hope you enjoy it, and tell all your friends.


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