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Saturday, May 28, 2005

Hohenwald News: Blogs as Justice's Sword

Roger Simon discusses a call to try to pressure the Syrian's to release the Attasy 8. I'm sympathetic, pretty much anyone a bunch of totalitarians like the Syrian Dirty Bathwater Ba'athists incarcerate is worthy of an initial presumption of hero status.

The question is can we, the blogosphere actually do something?

I touched on the question in my mystery novel, Death of a Blogger, and plan to deal with it a great deal more in the still being researched Codeworld: Anoniblogger. I have hope that yes, this is the case. If we can focus a burning bright glare of publicity onto a case, backed up with the threat that we will mobilize either American public opinion, or a tough hawkish Administration's opinion, then perhaps we can do maybe ten cases a year.

In ways this sounds so limited, but keep in mind that one effect will start to happen. As those we point to get destroyed, we will develop a danger in our enemies minds as well. Thus, it will require less effort, as Bush required less effort when he convinced Quaddaffi to back down, as compared to Saddam.

And, also, I think we can find ways to be more effective. After all, blogs are more capable of learning, disseminating, and utilizing new techniques than almost anything else on the planet.


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