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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Hohenwald News Editorial: Racial Relations Reveal Republican Ridges

Or, how racial relations between black and white can stand as a metaphor for inside the Republican Party squabbles between Libertarians and Social Conservatives.

A while back, I came to some conclusions regarding the b/w divide in America. Now let me apply them to the Republicans. Full disclosure: I am a hard-core Republican who is mostly socon, and used to be libertarian (when I was fifteen). A lot of sympathy remains for most of libertarian policies. On rare occasions, like with Governor Bredesen I voted for a Democrat; lastly, if it comes down to Hilary vs. McCain, I'll vote for Hilary, and then I'll drive off a cliff.

There's passion on both sides of the b/w divide in America, but except for cranks, and occasional cause celebre' most of it is on the black side. The similiarity to the L/SC divide is strong. Most Libertarians are far more perpetually concerned about this schism than Socons. Most Socons don't see it as a big deal, or were even much aware of it.

Occasionally Black America would erupt in a fury, and I honestly think after a while that many White Americans were surprised. This is not talking of the Civil Rights era or even the decade after that. But after a while, White America had its conscience appeased, and had compassion fatigue settle in, and most importantly for this case, thought that some of Black America's claims against them were garbage.

So too, I think a lot of SoCons were surprised at the latest eruption of Libertarian fury. After all, most SoCons support lower taxes, are at least inclined to federalism, support very strongly Constitutionalist originalist judges, would love to see the Department of Education expelled, and the Department of Transportation fed into a car crusher, and a lot of them would love a flat tax, and so on, and so forth.

And its not just that Republicans agree economically, while Democrats agree socially with Libertarians. Reps are against PC speech codes, for free speech in all its tumultuous cacophony, for gun rights, for law and order. SoCons agree with Libertarians on a vast spectrum of economic and social issues.

Granted, we disagree on Abortion and Drugs. Well, first, I think most Libertarians can certainly agree that court-mandated law such as Roe v. Wade is a bad idea. This is a Republic after all, not an Oligarchy of Judges. All hail our robed masters and the like, feh, perhaps that was what Lucas was getting at with the Jedi Council, feh again.

I also wonder why Libertarians aren't out there with Operation Rescue. I mean, it follows straight from their philosophy. The fact that they don't see that heightens the suspicion that Libertarianism is less a serious political philosophy than an excuse for horny white geeks.

Drugs, well, we fear greater harm than the harm being caused already. And if you want to convince us, then it would be better to appeal as M. Simon does to an end to pain, and Christian charity rather than to rant about victimless crimes. 'Cause we don't believe that.

It would also be well to do as the Johnny Appleseed of Drug Reform does, and assiduously, patiently, keep working on your program, planting little seeds. A bold Gordian Knot slicing of the drug war is not going to happen; so stop appealing mostly to first principles. Its lazy. Some contorted, frequently illogical from your viewpoint, and sometimes outright daft process of compromise and experiment will produce a warped and twisted weave that will be exquisitely nuanced, and dreadfully clever (probably more clever than most people realize as it will hold deep wisdom). This weave will be drug reform, if you get behind it, instead of trying to snap your fingers, and transport yourself to Paris by force of will. This is politics. Its a mess. It always will be.

What Blacks feared was Racism. What Libertarians fear is Theocracy, the crumbling of the wall between church and state (never minding that it was Baptists who had a major role in the construction of such a divide), and the loss of Republican dominance (funny how that doesn't seem to bother them at most other times.) What both should have feared, and I think the more perceptive actually do was Apathy.

What should Libertarians do? Admit that SoCons are their best friends. Okay, you can stop laughing now.


  • Why aren't Libs out there with Operation Rescue?

    Because Libs (and libs of which I am one) know the difference between an acorn and a tree.

    By Blogger M. Simon, at 4:35 PM  

  • Thanks for the mention BTW.

    I do believe that scientists will end the drug war long before the constitutionalists.

    Once the reason for drug taking becomes general knowledge people will understand why prohibition will never work.

    Most of my Lib friends don't see why their arguments are not getting much traction.

    By Blogger M. Simon, at 4:41 PM  

  • I think your scientists's expectation is already happening for abortion. Better imaging, lower age of viability will end the arguement. Kick in pop. decrease, and some more social welfare for kids, and its all over. And once LPers admit a sliver of doubt, their beliefs will force them to change sides, and become rather harsh proponents of pro-life.

    With drugs, I could see your point being proven, and still self-medication being illegal. But doctor supervised is another matter.

    Perhaps I should write a post explaining to Libertarians how to talk to SoCons.

    By Blogger Eric, at 10:19 PM  

  • So you are saying an acorn is a tree?

    By Blogger M. Simon, at 12:48 AM  

  • Heh, very cute.

    When I wrote RRRRR's post, I was aware that a metaphor can only be pushed to far before it snaps.

    I think yours just went "sproing".

    By Blogger Eric, at 9:37 AM  

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