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Friday, May 27, 2005

Hohenwald News: Hang 'Em High

Iraq: In a move that I think a lot of my hardnosed neighbours could get behind, some Iraqi merchants and homeowners dealt in a permanent fashion with two terrorists who had come to their suburb to deal death.

They took them out in the street, and hung them.

Well, how about that?

I like it. A civilized society is built on the capacity of the pillars of society, the middle class, to deal out damage to criminals. Once things get organized, and brought down to a dull roar, then they delegate this job to professionals--police, courts, etc..

Hat Tip: Global Voices

Go here to read the account from an Iraqi. His English is a bit rough, but understandable.

Addendum: And what was the terrorists' response? Load up a dog with a bomb, blow him up. Nobody was injured except for Lassie who was sacrificed by the, as someone named it, the Mudogajeen.


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