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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Hohenwald News: Metro Government?

Lewis County and the City of Hohenwald are trying to decide if a metropolitan form of government would be best. At first, the notion of the tinies joining together like a major metropolitan area such as New York City is amusing, but metro is not really about the size of the communities served. Its a blending of City and County governance into one new beast.

Right now, it seems early days, as both sides are trying to decide if they want to do this, and feeling each other out with some general studying of the issues in the Hub Committee.

One advantage I see is that we may eliminate redundancies, but I have to admit as a skeptical conservative that I do not see that happening. However, David Rentschler's arguement that this will increase the distance between the people and the government, and thus encourage the government to spend more money seems laughable to me. This is Lewis County folks, with perhaps ten thousand or so people inside the borders. We could probably manage with direct democracy if we wanted to.

But it seems likely that the metro idea would benefit the insurance policies of county residents which is a good reason for me to support Metro. The City has an ISO of Five, and the County has a Nine. Which means, if you have any little thing wrong in your property in the county that you may well not be able to get insurance, even at outrageous rates.

So if supporting Metro means a few more stations get built, and the insurance rates drop down to Seven or Six that this would be a vast boon for the County in the short run, and then for everyone as not being able to get decent insurance has to be holding the community back in the area of economic development.

Hat tip to Lewis County Herald which does not seem to have a web page except as a genealogy service.


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