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Friday, May 27, 2005

Hohenwald News: Robber Barons and Corrupt Congressmen

Everyone knows how back in the Gilded Age, the '20's, evil Robber Baron businessmen squashed their competition, instituted monopolies, broke unions with physical violence, and generally acted like jerks. What not so many people know is that this behaviour was abetted, and perhaps even made possible by corrupt congresscritters, usually at the state level.

Central Railroad moved into California before the local economy was ready for it because of government aid. And then to make the investment back, it requested and got a monopoly situation. Thus, the poor farmers of Central Valley got severely messed over when the monopoly transport due to its efficiency wiped out the older mule train carrying system, and charged them bankruptcy rates.

Why is this relevant now?

Senator John Ford.

He took 55,000 dollars in cash, it is alleged in order to help a FBI sting operation, E-Cycle, get some business. And one of the things he did was try to arrange that E-Cycle would have more exclusivity (i.e. more monopoly power) in the law. And he threatened to kill someone if they were working with the FBI.

Democrat John Ford, Villain of the Gilded Age.


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