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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Hohenwald News: Sen. John McCain Does Not Understand

Senator McCain just went on to further destroy his chances of ever being President. He ushered in his own compromise with the Democrats on the Judges getting a vote, and the non-traditional filibuster by the Democrats. Now he's probably the most beloved of Republicans by the Mainstream Media. Fortunately, the New York Times does not elect Presidents. You do. Otherwise it would have been President Kerry.

But a deeper and far more troubling show of his lack of understanding is his championing of the McCain-Feingold Bill for the Restriction of Free Political Speech in the Service of the Incumbents and the Mass Media (which has no such restrictions). OK, that wasn't its official name. But evidently, the Senator does not understand that the remedy in adult life for bad speech is more speech. Instead, he wants to censor people.

Well, here's one reply, a bold and defiant one from a brave American to that type of unconstitutional and faithless misunderstanding of America. Can Arizona please do us a favor, and elect a Democrat? Please.


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