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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Hohenwald News: Small Town Weekly

Lets go to the Politics section first. Four Tennesse Legislators arrested with others by the TBI.

And then to Sports. Um, nothing right now. I could use a Sports correspondent. Y'know someone who is actually interested in this stuff.

Okay, here's a tidbit for the starving masses craving sports info. A Tennis sports league is starting up in my local area. Hat tip Lewis County Herald.

And to Foreign Affairs. A fascinating look into the history and prospects of the European Union by an expert. It looks like as I have expected that the EU will either be a non-starter, or a blimp of hot air not able to lift more than its governing body off the ground--like a day-old cheap balloon sagging from a chair it is tied to.

Environment. The Bahraini Gov't, a small Middle Eastern government, is having some difficulty sustaining its environment with the onslaught of development, and trash. Some nice pictures of Bahraini farms, and some rather sad ones of dead palm trees. Hat to Global Voices and Rebecca MacKinnon.

Internet. Mickey Kaus, described in the back of Death of a Blogger as scary smart, explains that the New York Times is self-marginalizing itself, and affirms the Republican notion that Democrats are increasingly limosine liberals when he reveals that the NYT wants you to pay 50 bucks for access to their online addition. Now, I can get a ton of really brilliant commentary by acknowledged, prize-winning experts in their fields, and local on the spot highly versed in their own environment witnesses to events for Free! And I should pay the NYT for non-experts and the view from the Upper East Side on what is going on elsewhere? Hmm, I'll have to think about that. Really, don't call me, I'll call you.

Editorial. On the Nature of Authority in a Connected World. Hat Tip Insty.

Cartoons. Extraordinary Circumstances by Cox & Forkum.

Tales of Tadeusz Blog Update:

I still want to find out how to do categories, and I'm investigating a workaround for my lack of funds for a decent video recorder of the digital variety.

Also, I'm considering a small town carnival of blogs to be limited to towns smaller than say twenty thousand.

And I'd like to be more of a daily paper for the Hohenwald area complete with pics, advertising, video links, a community bulletin board, email lists for the local pols and people of interest to use the Chicom phrase. Pauldin County Blog is a role model indeed for this.

I've considered splitting off a subsidiary Hohenwald News blog, but I need to keep the workload manageable, and I already have a lot of connections as ToT.

After all, blogging is supposed to come behind God, Ladyfaire, kids, house-cleaning, and novel-writing. Sleeping can come afterwards.

Anyways, I have some bright shining visions of what I can do to achieve success, and help people, and we'll just see, won't we? And this method that I'm testing is probably too long. I'll keep fiddling with the format until I find something that works well for the various needs I have of the blog.

And Original Reporting:

I heard a rumor today that the Super-center Wal-mart was not coming to Hohenwald. The explanation was that the closing of the Eaton plant had shut the economy down a bit, and shut the door on that possibility.

However, quizzing the cashiers, they affirmed that we would still get one. In June or July of this year, ground would be broken, and by the first of the year, we'd have a brand-new store. We are unfortunately not talking of a full-scale supercenter like L'burg or Columbia has. Those are 2-300,000 square feet. This will be 107,000 square feet, and will like our current one be "condensed" with no auto lube place. I wonder, if like our current one, will it be "condensed" in that it all the excess space will be boiled away?

But, the Ladyfaire wasn't bothered by this, and was just happy to have one that was better than what we have. I think the clerks agree. I know I do.

And on the way home, I saw three different places where some heavy-duty construction was going on. Doesn't seem like too much of a slump there for my sight.

And Literature and the Arts:
Nashvilleistalking.com added me to their local aggregator for which I am quite grateful, and in consequence I've ascended to a Flappy Bird in the TTLB ecosystem of blogs. I'll have to add N'ville to my blogroll.

Okay, that was fun, but too hard, I think. Hmm, well, it was an experiment.


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