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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

How to Publish

I recently got asked by a struggling writer how I got published. At first I delayed answering, but then I decided on openess.

It involved a goat and a gibbous moon. No, that was for driving to Nashville, and not getting too lost in its great maze during the last BlogNashville Con.

I went to Lulu.com, and registered. And there I published as a Print on Demand publisher. What does that mean? I uploaded a file, and their PDF generator worked it over, and spat out a complete text in the size I chose.

Then I chose the covers from the free choices. Since Death of a Blogger is a mystery novel, I chose the most menacing looking cover, and was well-pleased. After that, I set the royalty, and waited for the checks to roll in.

Okay, now for the details and the grit. I uploaded the book more than a couple dozen different times using different methods, and still was not able to get the format to come out decently. And I had a lot of other issues with the uploading. Eventually, I had to go pay a pro to do the formatting and the upload.

And right now, its only available at Lulu.com. You have to get an ISBN number to get it in bookstores, and pay another goodly chunk for it to maybe get on Amazon, Borders, and so on. Money that this starving artist could ill afford to part with.

So its self-promotion time. But thats another post for another day.


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