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Monday, May 02, 2005

Imus Gets a Minus

Rush Limbaugh said that a joke had to have some element of truth in it to be funny. I think the joke-meister of Conservative Talk Radio can be admitted to the court as an expert witness.

Imus calling Contessa Brewer a "fat skank" fails the laugh test in two ways. Its has no element, not even much of a trace element, and the laugh test also dictates that something that is so silly as to warrant not a rebuttal, but a horse-laugh also fails the laugh test.

So Don Imus might have had half a reason to jump on his former news reader after she called him a "cantankerous old fool", but not enough of one. And definitely not enough for this treatment. In so doing, he merely helped prove Ms. Brewer's case.

Hat Tip from Michelle Malkin.


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