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Sunday, May 08, 2005

The Ladyfaire's Kindness

Its Hohenwald and Thursday, and I drive the midnight blue Saturn into Columbia with Mr. C and Gigglebox to meet the Ladyfaire at her workplace. Its a lab where she works as a histotechnologist.

I'm a writer and and game designer and SAHM aka Mr. Mom.

So I drop the tykes off with her, and she drives back home to take care of the two rambunctious boys herself. And this was her idea. See what I mean about kindness?

I on the other hand, drove peacefully, with that sweet sense of no responsibilities, no too-quiet child in the other room, no sudden readiness to leap out of my chair at a wail, and drove up I-65 to Nashville. Got off at the Wedgewood Avenue, and hooked around Belmont University in an acres' wide fishhook maneuver (No, I did not leave levelled buildings scattered behind me. I may be larger than life, but I'm not Paul Bunyan.)

Found a parking space, and took my precious bag of CD's and two printed books of my novel, Death of a Blogger (the button down to your right, if you like), and started to stroll around.


Hmm, Grand Maddox Atrium. Nah, thats not it. Too grandiose for the likes of us.

Eventually, I asked the helpful info desk girl, and she directed me upstairs. There some meeting termed "Elevate" was closing. I think it might be these guys I just linked to.


So I asked the coed again, and she pointed out that her computer was not connected to the Web to prevent employees from goofing off on worktime. A savagely uncivilized perspective if you ask me...

But she directed me to another coed, a runner type, who had a laptop with wireless, and we fiddled around with the Net a bit before it was determined that I was an idiot. The only event today was at Vanderbilt, and it was already over.

But there was a late supper at Sole Mio.

More later....


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