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Sunday, May 08, 2005

Nashville Afternoon

I found the place after an hour of searching for third street. The whole area was being "constructed", and so in the midst of this wasteland was a small cute restauraunt of Italian nature.

I walked in, and found that Rex Hammock and company were scheduled for seven. Hmm. It was around 4:30 at the time. Well, I did not want to fight Nashville traffic, and so I wandered around downtown.

Saw the "Downtown Church". An ancient Presbyterian church with a long history noted on the side of its building. Met a nice German lady who was an art model. Saw the 'honky-tonk' street, and saw in part, and heard a screaming fight between a rather roughly dressed man and his girlfriend. Tourists taking their pictures in front of giant guitars, or with an Elvis statue.

Went hungry as downtown at that time has practically no restauraunts open. Yes, a lot of the restauraunts close at 2:30 in the afternoon.

Got back to my car, and read some more of the AH novel by Harry , uh, umm, about a world in which Japan decided to take Hawaii right after the Pearl Harbor attack.

The good stuff next....


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