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Monday, May 09, 2005

The Point of the Book

What is the reason for Death of a Blogger? Its at least three-fold. The first and most important usage for a story is that it be a good story. Without that, you're writing something less.

But with its in-jokes, and its pointing out of dangers (especially the danger that power brings) it is of use as a guide to the Blogosphere. And we have the in-jokes to keep it amusingly light.

But it also serves as an introduction to the Blogosphere. It explains it. Shows how it works. Even shows to some degree how one can become an A-list blogger.

So, I hope every blogger buys one, and then hands it off to the Significant Other, or parent, or pal who does not get it. And perhaps by cellular mitosis, you will have two bloggers where there was one.


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