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Sunday, May 08, 2005

Sole Mio Thursday Night

Sole Mio is a very nice Italian restauraunt. They were charming and helpful to a wandering traveller. And if you're into that type of thing, then I heartily reccommend them. But I'm more of a McDonald's kind of guy.

I went in, and the party had started already. Got introduced at the door to Bill Hobbs of Hobbs Online.

"I've read your website." Moi. A little shocked and startled.

"I've still not gotten used to that." Bill said to another guy with him.


Met Mick from Memphis who is a faith-based blogger, and Candace who helps in running an email listserv, I think, that connects up post Farm commune people. Seeing as the Farm is just down the road from me, I think thats cool.

Sat down to dinner with Mick, Kirk Johnson or Judson of the Heritage Foundation, Rex Hammock, and a Socom Project Analyst who I fogot the name of, but he did tell a joke about Baptists and Methodists.

"A Methodist is a Baptist who can read." I protested, but laughing even as I am a Baptist. And I can read. Have to move my lips a bit, but it works, right?

Could not figure out what to order, so I said duplicate the Socom guy's order. The Caesar salad was good, and I would have done well to have two of them, and stop there. But no, he and thus I, his sheep-like follower, also ordered spinach manicotti.

Which was very good. Quite interesting. But way rich. Did I mention I had a headache the whole time, pretty much?

And then when he finished his, he ordered a creme brulee as well. I guess he ran a lot because he was trimmer than me. My favorite meal of the whole trip was the Burger King garden salad.

The Heritage guy also explained a problem some foundation sponsors were fearing. I'll tell more of that later.


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