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Monday, May 09, 2005

Three Vidloggers

I met Trey Jackson, Joe and Ryanne at BlogNashville along with a bunch of other people.

All of them were deeply enthused about video blogging.

Trey reminded me of a mountain boy preacher. He dressed in the dark suit, the leather shoes and the clothes were sharp and neat but somber. He was rail skinny, and fervently intense. The type of man that you think if it came to a fight you could clobber because you're bigger and taller, but then you realize that the only way to stop him would be to pound him into the sidewalk, and then keep pounding as only unconsciousness would stop him. And you would definitely reconsider at that point.

He had a vision of as he said being able to walk into a warehouse with five thousand televisions on, and being able to select any channel he wanted. What he really desired, I think was to be able to access at a click any video anywhere playing or archived on Earth. I think computers are going to give him that dream.

The other two, I termed Videons after Joe called themselves Video Evangelicals, and Mario, an immigration reform attorney, wondered what that meant. Videons is of course a riff on Gideons who have the mission of placing a free Bible in every hotel room in the world. A mission that has helped innumerable people, me among them.

Rhyanne was charming and easy to talk to and interested in a wide array of topics. She primarily convinced me to try vidlogging. She said that she was from NYC, and that she had no clue of rural life, and that her and others like her would find it fascinating.

I didn't really see Joe's personality until he ran the Vidlogging Seminar. He had a gentle enthusiasm that can only be described by a few words. Love is chief among them. He may hate this, but I found him sweet.

And in these three people, I find much to admire. Its like one of my favorite mystery novelists, Dick Francis, said. Evil is banal; its good that is interesting.


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