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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Tykes Update: Ups and Downs

Gigglebox woke his parents in the middle of the night with a plea for a new diaper. Not his usual style at all, but unbeknownst to his unsuspecting parents (insert Voice of the Narrator from a Superfriends cartoon) he had developed the Occasional Acid Squirts of Doom.

So he was doggone uncomfortable.

Then he woke me early, about seven, after the Ladyfaire was well and gone off to work. So food, rice chex and peas for breakfast for the both of us. And a bit later a bottle for him, which he interrupted with more OASoD.

At this point we get to the Downs. And not any fun horse-racing track thing either.

He proceeded to be a pill. Aargh. Plus I was sick, suffering from sinuses. He refused to be happy.

I tried to fix a shelf I'd broken in one of our Wal-mart Special bookcases. It wouldn't fix.

Finally, it was off to the Library to hear Miss Chrystal read to them, and help them make a craft project, a pocket of felt paper and string for Corduroy the Bear. Really cute. I liked how the C colored his bear.

This was an up. Gigglebox got to play with the puzzles, and listen to the stories. And despite having to change his diaper standing up in the bathroom as they had no table, it was still good.

From there, to the Columbia McD's with its indoor playground, and several hours of eating, playing, and Daddy reading Ripples of Battle. Which is quite good. Not sure what I'm going to read next.

And then Gigglebox's school lesson, and then home to blog about it all so that one day, I can come back, and read this. Probably laugh at myself.


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