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Sunday, June 05, 2005

Hohenwald News: Lewis County Public Library

The book sale was a big success. Hundreds of dollars was raised.

But they are still trying to raise more, so they will be having a continuing sale of books on Saturday, I believe, and perhaps another day, like Friday. I need to double-check that this Tuesday when Miss Chrystal has Storytime for the tots at 10:30.

There goal is to buy a new microfilm reader for the genealogy room. The advanced version with automatic functions runs about 8,000 dollars. They are less than ten, but more than five percent of the way there.

While I like the idea of this improvement, unless other funds are raised for this purpose, its going to be a real long wait before we see fruit from this endeavor.

Some questions arise.
1)How bad off are the current machines?
2)Can the current machines be repaired?
3)How much is the manual replacement machine?
4)What are the prospects of getting other sources of funding for the new machines?
5)What are the prospects of getting cheaper machines, by say, searching on e-Bay for them?
6)I assumed, that the book sale money would be going to buy more books since we've ran through the book buying funds for this year already. Now, this was not suggested by anyone, but I still think it is a good idea. Can we do that instead?

After all, the current library is dreadfully small.


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