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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Why the MSM Keeps Playing Poker With the Cowboy Even Though They Already are Taking off their Shirt

I remember a scene in a Tom Clancy novel where the stock trader hero reveals the bad guy's plan which involves losing lots of money on Wall Street, and he wonders to Jack Ryan and his best bud why anyone would do that, after all, making money was the biggest game in town. But Jack and bud realize there is another bigger game...political power, international power.
I knew in the Clinton Admin that the MSM was madly protecting Clinton, and that they were spending decades of credibility to do it. And the likelihood of them winning anything back was poor. But they judged that allowing the R's to take down Clinton would be more damaging to their cause, perhaps that it would break the enchantment of invulnerability and inevitability. Or perhaps that it would break the ties of mad/insane loyalty that hangs the Modern Dem Party together.
But imagine you're a MSM hyuk-muk-muk, you've already laid your house mortage of credibility on the poker table, and you're still losing, why not push the car and the boat out there as well? Maybe, just maybe, you can turn it around with a couple big wins, and win it all back, and more.
Of course, thats a sucker play, but then its easier to do that than to get up from the table, and go out and try to do your job, your duty, your honor, and earn back what you have lost.


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